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My coupon wallet tutorial is featured as part of the Sew, Mama Sew Handmade Holidays series!

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Coupon Wallet Pattern And Tutorial


I made two of these coupon wallets over a year ago. It has been a life saver in terms of purse organization. I don’t have coupons all over my purse. I can also get them out quicker when I am at the check out line. I organize my coupons based on the category of stores (groceries, clothes, arts/crafts/design, restaurants, other).

Below, I’m going to go through the steps of making your own. Also, here is a Downloadable PDF file with a pattern so that you can make your own.

You will need:
quarter yard of exterior fabric
quarter yard of interior fabric
2 snap buttons
matching thread

First you want to cut out your pieces:
2 X the main pattern (one of interior fabric and the other from the exterior fabric)
8 X the dividers (from interior fabric or contrasting fabric)
4 X the side accordions ( from interior fabric)

The pattern can be adjusted. If you want to make a thicker wallet then add some length to the “bottom” part of the pattern. Also you can add length to the flap to get a longer flap over the front of the wallet.

Interface the exterior fabric of the main pattern to make it more stable.

Then sew the two main pattern cutouts together, right sides together. Make sure to leave a little opening to turn it right side out.

Turn the fabric and press it flat. Top stitch all the way around. Set this piece aside.

Interface 4 of the divider fabrics.


Pin one interfaced fabric to one that hasn’t been interfaced, right sides together. Sew around, leaving space for turning. Repeat this with the other three dividers. Top stitch around.

Now on to the accordion. Pin two pieces of fabric that you cut, right side together. Sew around, leaving space for turning. Repeat this with the other accordion. Top stitch around.

Here is the tricky part. With some tailors chalk, mark the lines from the accordion pattern on to the fabric. These will be where you fold the fabric. Fold and press with an iron.



Sew the dividers where the pattern is labeled as such. Ensure that the end flaps will be facing out when you insert the accordion in to the wallet. Once the dividers are sewn on to both sides, pin and the end flaps of the accordion to the back and front of the main pattern piece that you had set aside.


It should end up looking somewhat like this.


Fold over the flap and mark where you want the snap buttons to go and follow the directions on the packaging to attach the top to the flap and the bottom to the front piece.



I added a ruffle design on the back (mainly to test out my ruffler foot, but it came out quite nice).

Now it is your turn. Link back here show your coupon wallets!

Note: This is a free pattern and should not be used to manufacture products for sale. For personal use only.

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